10 Best GPS for ATV Trail Riding in 2021 II Buying Guides

With advancements in technology, many handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or smartwatches have adopted GPS for use on-the-go. But if you are a trail rider and travel in your ATV, you need the best GPS for UTV trail riding. During the adventure, your smartphone or watch cannot work in the situations you will face.

There is a great need for such a device in the vehicle to withstand the different geographical areas. If you lost your track in the journey, the GPS could help you reach your destiny. The accuracy of the device, in this case, is greatly considered.

When you are riding your ATV, or someone wants to locate it, the GPS you opted can help accurately. An accurate GPS device can help map trailing precisely, and you can follow them easily. The tracks loaded are the safest routes for ATV trail riding as previous off-roaders make them.

Best GPS for ATV Trail Riding

This article will let you know about the ten best GPS devices for ATV trail riding, their features, and specifications, and help you select a better one. Now, let’s start without any further ado and move through each GPS device.

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1.Garmin GPSMAP 64

Garmin GPSMAP 64s Worldwide with High

The Garmin GPSMAP 64 is our top pick on this list of best GPS for ATV trail riding. It comes with a lot of features that make it perfect for trail riding in ATV. It has a sunlight-readable 2.6 inches color display with a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels.

The device’s design is very strong and comes with a water rating of IPX7 so that you can go out with your device in the rain as well. It has a handy design and can also be mounted if you want to mount in your ATV.

Garmin 64 comes with 4 GB of internal memory and has a microSD card slot to expand the storage. It is preloaded with 250,000 caches for paperless caching from the website of Geocaching. GPSMAP 64 supports additional mapping, including TOPO US 24K, City Navigator NT, BlueChart g2, and BirdsEye Satellite.

The brighter display has a high sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with a quad-helix antenna for perfect reception. The receiver locates your position quickly and precisely whether you are in woods or near tall buildings.

If we talk about the battery, it uses 2 AA rechargeable batteries, either NiMH or Lithium. The battery life it offers is 16 hours, and you can enjoy your journey without getting your device off.

Overall, the Garmin GPSMAP 64 performs well and is the best alternative to your smartphone’s GPS. If you are the one who wants portability and performance, Garmin 64 is the best option.


2.Garmin Montana 680

Garmin Montana 680, Touchscreen Hiking Handheld

If you want a powerful GPS device to make your adventure safe, then Garmin Montana 680 is the best choice. It is a faster navigator that can serve you on the go. With 4 inches of dual-orientation, sunlight-readable, and color touchscreen display, you can easily track your path.

This device has a handy, easy-to-use design, which can fit your trail riding jacket’s large pocket. With the 8MP camera, you can capture the site you have visited, either woods or valley. Images captured are also geotagged, and this probably is its excellent feature.

The 4 GB of internal memory allows you to save your images and install external maps. Like the Garmin GPSMAP 64, it also has 250,000 preloaded global caches from the Geocaching website. It enables you to navigate your track with greater efficiency and ease using Track Manager.

This GPS device has a highly sensitive, quick, and accurate GPS and GLONASS, which precisely locates the position. Its working proficiency is also powered up with WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, Hotfix satellite predictor, and GLONASS support.

It used 3 AA batteries rechargeable NiMH pack and gave a backup of up to 22 hours. Overall, the Garmin Montana 680 is perfect for travelers who use their GPS during ATV trail riding.

3.Garmin Drive 60

Garmin Drive 60 USA LM GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps

Garmin Drive 60 is another GPS Device that helps you reach easily to the place where you want to go. It is perfect and unique in terms of different aspects. With 6 inches of widescreen color display of 800 x 480 pixels, it has some remarkable features that make it the best GPS for ATV trail riding.

First of all, the design is made ideal for easy mounting in your ATV. The most unusual feature of this device is spoken turn-by-turn directions on-time alerts for safe driving. This feature enables you to make immediate safe turns and changing speeds where possible. It gives alerts about school zones, animal passages, and speed cameras.

The software includes apps like nüMaps Guarantee, HERE Maps, Foursquare, and Lane Assistant. It is preloaded with maps of Canada and maps of 49 states of the U.S. All the apps are very simple to use with quick load and easy interface.

If you are taking power within your ATV, this device can do everything for you because the battery life is about 1 hour. So, without charging availability in your vehicle, the device may turn off during trail. However, it recharges very fast in a short time.

Overall, for having the whole adventure in your home town with friends or family, Garmin Drive is the best device to practice. It does not need any technical education to operate, and anyone can use it.


4.Garmin GPSMAP 64csx

Garmin GPSMAP 64csx, Handheld GPS with Altimeter

Garmin GPSMAP 60csx is another valuable addition to our list from Garmin manufacturers. It comes equipped with 2.6 inches sunlight-readable color display with buttons for operations. It also has a strong, waterproof design with an IPX7 waterproof rating that enables you to use it.

In this GPS device, you get an internal storage of 8 GB with the preloaded TopoActive maps of the U.S. and Australia. It comes with a highly sensitive receiver i.e., quad helix antenna, multi-GNSS support, and a 3-axis compass barometric altimeter.

The multi GNSS support includes GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, ensuring that you will never be lost in the adventure. Both the GNSS and TOPO mapping are helpful in this regard.

Garmin 60csx has an additional 8 MP Autofocus camera, which allows you to click geotag images. It also features Wireless connectivity through BLUETOOTH technology, and an ANT+ technology is present.

This device provides a battery life of up to 20 hours, and probably it could be the best part of the device. Overall, Garmin GPSMAP 64csx is perfect for ATV trail riding to be available right now.


5.Garmin GPSMAP 66st

Garmin GPSMAP 66st

Garmin GPSMAP 66st comes with increased power and efficiency from Garmin than the other models. It has 3 inches of standard sunlight-readable color display and is top of the line GPS device for all weather conditions.

The device’s design is portable and versatile and can be kept in the pocket of your jacket. It is taken a large amount of information in its compact size.  

In the storage perspective, you get a total internal memory of 16 GB. It has a microSD card slot, which can be used to expand the memory by three-fold. It contains ten thousand waypoints and thousands of tracks providing satellite imagery and keeps you updated with the weather.

The antenna of this GPS device is quad-helix, which is very sensitive and performs better. It also has three GPS options i.e., GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, for communication with multiple satellites. You can use the preloaded TOPO maps and BirdsEye imagery of satellite without getting a subscription.

This device’s battery unit uses a battery pack of two AA and keeps you live for up to 16 hours. Overall, the Garmin GPSMAP 66st is a highly functional GPS device for ATV trail riding.

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6.Garmin Drive 50

Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps

If you cannot afford the Garmin Drive 60, Drive 50 can become the best affordable GPS for ATV trail riding. This GPS device holds many features similar to Drive 60. It has 5 inches of resistive widescreen display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels.

In terms of design, it is strong enough that you can mount it without any tension in the non-integrated mount with a quick-release option. Whether you are riding in your ATV in the jungle tracks or rough mountainous surfaces, the device stays in the mount position.

After Garmin Drive 40, it is the first model from Garmin with Driver Alerts feature, and Garmin focused on driver awareness. It has preloaded data from Foursquare, which powers up to several new routes and tracks and special places such as stores, restaurants, etc.

This device is a dedicated GPS navigator that shows the current street, current speed, and speed limit. It also features an arrival time option and helps you reach your destination on time.

As it was an entry-level model, it gives 1 hour of battery life with all the features mentioned above. Overall, this device is very affordable if you are not a daily based enthusiast and go for a trip once a month.


7.Garmin GPSMAP 276Cx

Garmin GPSMAP 276Cx

Garmin GPSMAP 276Cx is an all-terrain to inform you about your locations no matter where you are riding. It comes with 5 inches of large and sunlight-readable display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. You can see all the things happening on the screen, whether mapping or images.

The device has a compact design with smooth edges but made rugged enough to carry in all-weather situations. It is also durable and gives easy-to-operate buttons for configuring the device. Like the Garmin 60, it also has a turn-by-turn directions feature for the ATV.

In terms of storage, it holds 8 GB of internal memory, and you can install dedicated maps in it. Additionally, it has a microSD card slot that allows you to increase the storage for more and more room.

For better performance in any place, either mountain top or a deep mine, both the GPS and GLONASS offer satellite tracking. Apart from them, it also has a 3-axis compass, wireless connectivity, and some add-on maps such as Topographic and marine maps.

In the battery department, it comes with a rechargeable and removable Lithium-ion three AA batteries pack. It can last for up to 16 hours on a single charge, and on full brightness, it lasts for up to 10 hours.


8.Garmin Oregon 600

Garmin Oregon 600 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS

If you need a highly functional, affordable, and user-friendly GPS device for your ATV trail riding, Garmin Oregon 600 can do the job. The bright 3 inches large color touchscreen display allows you to read the display effortlessly. This display is also sunlight-readable and has multi-touch capability.

With 1.5 GB built-in memory, the device performs smoothly, running all the maps and other apps flawlessly. For those who use a microSD card and that probably is a must with every GPS device, this memory is enough to run preloaded maps.

It is powered by highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS receiver support and also features a barometric altimeter. Another known feature of this GPS device is that you can share waypoints, tracks, and even images, etc. with other Oregon users at a higher speed.

Based on the intensity of usage, the traditional dual NIMH rechargeable battery pack gives a backup of up to 18 hours. At higher brightness, the battery may last for less time up to 10 hours.

Overall, the device is very functional, with additional features. It provides precise data about your locations and keeps you on the right track. It is the best GPS for off-road trails when you are adventuring alone or with your partner.

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9.Magellan eXplorist 200

Magellan eXplorist 200 Water Resistant Hiking GPS

Magellan eXplorist 200 is an entry-level GPS device from Magellan for ATV trail riding. It has 2.3 inches monochrome, grayscale LCD with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels, and is lightweight and can be carried easily. Its design is rubber-armored, stress-resistant, and waterproof.

The device’s internal memory is only 8 MB, which can still store up to 500 waypoints, 20 different routes, five tracklogs with 2,000 points each. It helps in convenient satellite-based navigation of roads, parks, waterways, and much more.

The technology used in this GPS device is TrueFix with a 14 parallel channel, WAAS/EGNOS-enabled, powerful GPS receiver. It does not let you lost in the rain, whether you are at the valley or in the mid of the woods.

Although it is an entry-level device, it offers 18 hours of battery life. This battery life is more than enough to enjoy ATV trail riding with all the extraordinary features.

Overall, this robust, water-resistant, and lightweight device is the best GPS for ATV ride. If you are an ATV trail rider and don’t want to spoil your fun, just move to Magellan eXplorist 200 and explore everything.


10.Magellan TRX7 CS

Magellan TRX7 CS Dual Mount Trail and Street GPS Navigator

Finally, Magellan TRX7 CS is also our selection on this list of best GPS tracker for ATV trail riding. In terms of both design and functionality, it is different from Magellan eXplorist 200. The display you get here is 7 inches high definition touchscreen display.

The design is rugged and shock resistant with a standard IP67 rating. It can be mounted strongly with dual mount setup in your ATV and can withstand stress elements.

You get 5 MP of a camera with an LED flashlight that enables you to capture various scenes and spots both day and night. This camera offers adjustable light settings and autofocus, which capture images in good resolution shareable at social media.

With 16 GB of internal memory, it allows you to install external maps and store your images. It has a microSD card slot, which you can use to expand the storage up to 64 GB.

This GPS device holds base maps, which covers the U.S. and Canada. It offers a detailed view of locations both in traditional 2-D and high-resolution 3-D. You can trail all over the US and Canada as it has more than 117,000 preloaded off-road trails and explore with the barometric altimeter and 3-axis electronic compass.

With 7 inches of screen and all the mentioned high-end features, this device gives a battery life of up to 8 hours. Overall, the Magellan TRX7 CS can play all the roles that a GPS device can and is the best GPS for off-road trails.


Final Word

Well! That’s all about the best GPS for ATV trail riding till now. The GPS devices we reviewed are the most prominent ones available in the market. You can select any of these devices according to your requirements.

You might be thinking that why we have reviewed most of the GPS devices from Garmin, but the reason is that Garmin is a known brand. If you want to buy one at a reasonable price with all the required features, you must go for Garmin GPSMAP 64.

Moreover, if you want a bigger screen and a bit good battery life and can afford some more bucks, Garmin Montana 680 is the best option. All these GPS devices for ATV trail riding are high-quality, and most of them are affordable.

We hope that this article about the best GPS for ATV trail riding will help you make your selection. Best of Luck

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