5 Best Plate Compactors Reviews [2021 Buying Guide]

Best Plate Compactors : You need a compactor when you’re working on a big construction project or working on your home improvement.

With the right plate compactor, any sub-base or asphalt on your driveway can be compacted easily. Parking lots and small repairs can also be done with this equipment. Professionals say that plate compactors are perfect for jobs that are out of reach of larger rollers.

A plate compactor comes in three different types: 1. Compactors with single plates, 2. Plate compactor with reversible action, and 3. Hardcore plates compactors are superior to ordinary plates compactors. You must select the right plate compactor based on the tasks you will be performing.

From the various options available, you may find it difficult to select the most suitable plate compactor for your needs. Research and knowledge are the only tools that can help you make an informed decision.

A busy person may not be able to accomplish this research because it takes a lot of time.

So, I have listed the top rated products on the market today as well as summarized my experience in selecting the right machine.

Plate Compactor

Compaction is the process of reducing the size of material such as gravel, sand, biomass, waste, or soil in order to increase their density. Compression of soil formerly required the use of bulky rollers drawn by horses or any other livestock.

As steamrollers replaced these drawn compactors, and now vibratory and plate compactors are used instead. This compaction technique is essential for landscaping, construction, or paving.

Compactors are often powered by hydraulics, and the hydraulics are usually powered by gas or electric engines.

There are different types and sizes of compactors available today. However, they are appropriate for different tasks depending on their types, even though they perform the same tasks.

For example- if you are working on heavy-duty projects, you need the large one. If you are working on smaller projects, you can use a small one.

Types of Plate Compactors

There are a few things that all compactors have in common. As an example, most parts of the machine have minimal layers of materials that reduce air pockets while reducing the thickness of the layers.

Presently, there are different types of compactors, each of which is suitable for a specific job. Find out what plate compactor options are available.

Hydraulic Plate Compactor

This model is designed to be mounted on another tool, such as a digger or tractor. There is no limit to the type of materials it can infect.  When other compactors cannot work in certain areas, this compactor excels.

Rammer Compactor

In addition to the rammer compactor, there are other types of compactors. The road bases, the road checks, the footpaths, and the installations are connected by this field. Unlike hydraulic compactors, it is more modest and lighter, which makes it perfect for the floor connection industry. Roads, highways, and wide shoulders are all reasonable choices when fixing such infrastructure.

Vibrating Plate Compactor

The device is used to connect weight granular soil to vibrational activities. In addition to clay, blackheads, and low-energy elements, these are designed to be easily connected.

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It works by decreasing the number of air voids through vibration, and your layers are then attached to the machine’s weight. Because of the machine’s small size, it is possible to turn it into a zone of minimal restriction when using other gears is outlandish.

The machine induces itself into a forward movement by creating a flat force when working. The hardware is more manageable and easier to work with thanks to this specific element.

Top 5 Plate Compactor Reviews

1.WEN 56035T 7 HP 4500-Pound 

WEN 56035T 7 HP 4500


  • 212cc engine produces 4, 496lbs of force, which is your maximum rating, at 5, 400 blows per minute
  • Handling capabilities thanks to swing-over handle and compact 24 x 17-3/4 inch contoured edge plate
  • fast travel speed; plate travels 82 feet per minute in a single direction 
  • The steel plate is designed so that vibrations between the engine and the steel plate are reduced, extending the engine’s lifespan
  • Quickly transportable with lift handles, as well as a central lifting bar
  • Type of power source: gas

In addition to manufacturing affordable power tools, WEN produces parts and products with high performance.

There are a number of capable plate compactors in this article, but the most powerful one is WEN 56035T. A high compaction force of 4500 pounds makes it able to offer high levels of performance compared to other options. Because it uses a gas engine that produces up to 7 horsepower, this is possible.

This plate compactor comes with a 212CC gas engine that has CARB compliance. Vibratory speed is up to 5400 blows per minute, which is rather high for most users. A two-year warranty extends the duration of this gas engine’s warranty period.


2.Stark 2.0HP Gas Vibration Compaction Force

Stark 2.0HP Gas Vibration Compaction Force


  • Engine power of 2 horsepower
  • Produces a total of 2000 pounds of compaction power
  • 1-year long warranty
  • 79 cubic cubic centimeters engine
  • Decent build quality and construction materials
  • Comes with a high fuel efficiency engine

Compared to other brands, Stark plate compactors are a small brand, yet they still offer a decent option to many users.

In this article, the second place goes to Stark for its plate compactor since it’s the cheapest. Although it is a low-cost device, it offers a wide variety of features and options for the user. Therefore, it is well worth the money you spend considering that you get a high level of utility out of it.

Its performance, on the other hand, is quite impressive as it has a 2000-pound compressing force. It is made possible by a gas engine of 2 HP that is quite efficient. Although it has a lower power output, its 79 CC engine capacity ensures that fuel efficiency is high.


3.Multiquip MVC82VHW Honda GX160 Plate

Multiquip MVC82VHW Honda


A compactor from Multiquip can be a good choice if you want a plate compactor that’s energy-efficient. By consuming only 0.31 gallons of fuel per hour, this machine will save you money on oil for years to come. 

Due to its curved edges, this MULTIQUIP compactor moves smoothly on asphalt and granular surfaces. This machine stands out from the rest thanks to its elegant design and powerful engine.

With its low oil shutoff feature and seated belts, you will have fewer issues with engine damage. When the vibration is created, the performance is reduced by 50%. It may be expensive, but it offers so many advantages that who wouldn’t buy it?


4.Tomahawk 5.5 HP Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor

Tomahawk 5.5 HP Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor


  • With the 5.5 HP Honda GX160 engine, compacts over 3,400 lbs per square foot.
  • Up to 12 inches of cohesive and granular soil may be compacted.
  • 22-inch compact. Dimensions: 20 x 20 inches. Adapts to cramped and narrow spaces
  • Featuring a large 3.5 Gallon water tank for compaction of asphalt
  • 6 Year Product Warranty + 3 Year Engine Warranty

With TOMAHAWK’s plate compactor, your compaction will be faster, more appropriate, and more convenient. The best part of this vibratory compactor is that the dual anti-vibration handles make it virtually vibration-free. 

Due to its size, the compactor is less appropriate for large spaces as compared to other items on this list. However, it was meant for narrow spaces; so, the small base plate can perfectly serve its purpose.

With this compactor, you also get exceptional results. This base plate’s curved edges prevent compacting trails, giving the ground a perfect finish. It is easy to refill and clean the attached water tank. However, even though this compactor is more expensive than most, it has the advantage of being exceptionally easy to use.


5.Value Vibratory Soil Plate

VP1340A Value Vibratory Soil Plate


  • Surfaces with contours and rounded edges offer maximum performance and maneuverability
  • Lightweight beltguards for reduced service requirements and improved productivity.
  • A low-maintenance design increases productivity with excitement bearings.
  • Transport can be made easier for the operator with lifting handles that are designed with ergonomics in mind

When it comes to landscaping, it is best to own machines that can be abused and do not require much maintenance. WACKER NEUSON compactors have decades of experience and handle a variety of tasks. Its belt guard and enclosed belt require little maintenance, while its exciter bearings do not. 

Compactors are expensive, but since they consume 0.48 gallons of fuel per hour, you’ll save a great deal of money in the long run. Because of its ergonomic lifting handles, this machine does not bulk up or weigh much.

Due to its high capacity and high price, this compactor is more appropriate for professional landscaping, rather than occasional DIY projects.

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Buying Guide for the Best Plate Compactor

This article has already discussed some of the best plate compactors. You must already know their major differences since we provided the details of their features and specifications. The problem, however, is that you may experience difficulties when purchasing a plate compact for yourself.

In this section, you will find a detailed guide to buying plate compactors, including the factors that you should consider. This buying guide will assist you in choosing the best plate compactor for your needs by explaining different factors and aspects you should consider.

Compaction Force

One of the most important things to check before purchasing a plate compactor is the compaction force. As you might expect, the value signifies how much pressure is applied to the ground for compression. A force rating is given in pounds, and there is an option of 3000 or 4000 pounds.

Users benefit more from a higher 4000-pound rating when compared to a lower rating. Compaction forces of this magnitude are more suitable for heavy-duty applications or where a lot of soil needs to be compressed.

Engine Power

Plate compactors are typically powered by a gas engine if you are familiar with them or have read the various options present in this article. Therefore, you should check the engine’s power if you want to ensure that it is able to properly compact the soil at your job site. You can find different plate compactors with ratings of 5 HP and 7 HP, just as you would for any other gas-powered power tool. A 7 HP engine offers better performance compared to the lower 6 HP option.

Engine Capacity

A plate compactor’s gas engine can also be checked for capacity. Using this method will provide you with an idea of the performance numbers of your plate compactor. As a general rule, a 90 CC gas engine is better suited for performance than a 60 CC gas engine. Likewise, the engine’s horsepower rating will also increase. A plate compactor’s range can be significantly reduced by larger capacity gas engines with high fuel consumption. In order to reduce fuel consumption, you should buy a plate compactor whose performance is balanced with its fuel efficiency.


Another important factor is the warranty offered by a given plate compactor. The reason for this is because a plate compactor can wear out over time if used for a long time. Things like this can even cause problems with the given plate compactor. For peace of mind, you should get a plate compactor that comes with a long warranty period. There are a few reliable options that have a 3-year warranty, whereas most products come with 1 year or a 2-year warranty.

Final thoughts

No matter whether you are a gardener or a construction worker, a plate compactor can be quite useful in compressing the soil or the ground. Further construction is more viable and solid on such a ground. Due to the importance and usefulness of these, we have provided the best plate compactors. In this article, you’ll find a detailed guide on features, options, and buying tips. You have probably already bought a plate compactor since the buying guide has everything you need to know about these items.

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