Can You Put an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Toilet?

Most of us don’t think about the seat we use when it comes to our toilets. However, sometimes the standard round toilet seats don’t offer enough comfort, so it may be time for an upgrade.

On a round toilet you can place an elongated toilet seat. All it takes to accomplish this is a little elbow grease and a few minutes of your time. However, keep in mind that this can affect the appearance, comfort and functionality of your toilet.

However, before you replace every round toilet in the house with an oblong seat, make sure you know the difference between the two and how to replace them properly. In addition, always keep in mind that if the shape of the seat does not match that of the toilet, you will not get the optimal results when it comes to comfort.

What is the difference between round and elongated toilet seats?

The main differences between a round and elongated toilet seat are their size and shape. The former is a 16.5 inch (41.91 cm) round bowl, while the latter is a 18.5 inch (46.99 cm) elongated bowl.

The elongated seat is often considered more comfortable and accessible for children. In addition, it is ADA compliant for those with mobility issues, making it much easier to use for those who have difficulty sitting and standing.

If you want to make sure you can use a toilet seat without any problems, you probably need an elongated toilet seat. The added support can be very comfortable to sit in; therefore, if you extra spaceit’s a no brainer.

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Other than the size difference, there is no real difference between the two seats, other than the level of comfort and ease of use, which can vary from person to person. This makes them interchangeable if you know what you’re doing and have some experience with a toolbox.

How do I know which type of seat fits my toilet?

To find out which type of seat fits your toilet, take a tape measure and measure from the tip of the lid to the center of the mounting holes on the back. You will receive a measurement of 18.5 inches (46.99 cm) or 16.5 inches (41.91 cm). The former corresponds to an elongated chair, while the latter corresponds to a round one.

Since there are only two types of toilets and several ways to confirm which one you have (like simply looking at the length of the toilet), you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out which toilet seats will fit the bowl you currently have.

While an elongated toilet seat fits on a round bowl, the opposite is not true. Due to the difference in length, the round toilet seat will not cover the elongated bowl, leaving part of the toilet rim visible. So if you want an elongated seat but have a round toilet bowl, unless you can handle the size difference of the lid, you’re out of luck.

Most commercial toilets come with their matching lids, but if you find a toilet and lid that don’t match, don’t worry too much about it. The size difference probably won’t affect your experience too much; however, if you feel too uncomfortable with this situation, you may want to replace the entire toilet and not just the lid.

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Can you replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

You can remove your round toilet and replace it with an elongated one. Replacing a round toilet requires the same process as replacing an old toilet with a brand new one.

If you decide that replacing a toilet seat isn’t enough, follow these steps to change the look of your toilet seat.

  1. Remove the water from your old toilet by flushing the tank and shutting off the water supply line.
  2. Loosen the nuts on the bottom of the tank before lifting them slowly and away from the bowl. If it is an older toilet, wear gloves in case it bursts.
  3. Remove the nuts holding the tankless toilet bowl to the floor and remove the bowl from its place.
  4. Remove the wax ring connecting the toilet to the top of the downspout (called a flange) and make repairs to the flange as needed.

Once the old toilet has been removed, install the new bolts that hold your toilet to the downspout, attach the new wax washer, and install the toilet bowl. Make sure the bowl is over the bolts and perpendicular to the wall before tightening the bolts. Once the toilet is secured, attach the tank and secure it by screwing the tank back on with the new nuts.

Finally, you can attach your new elongated toilet seat by aligning the seat and then aligning the seat with the two holes on the toilet. Screw the seat into those holes using the supplied bolts and nuts, and you have a fully functioning new toilet and seat!

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The first time you use your new toilet, you will probably feel different after you first sit on an elongated toilet seat; however, chances are the new setup will feel much more comfortable. If not, the new chair will take some getting used to after a few uses.


If you don’t feel like the hassle of replacing your toilet, you can convert an elongated seat onto a round one. You only need a few screws and 15-20 minutes. You’ll get about two inches of extra space that isn’t covered by the bowl, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

If you want a perfect seat for optimal comfort, it is a good idea to take the time for an elongated toilet. If the bowl and seat are the same length, using the bathroom becomes a lot easier.

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