Do CPUs Come With Thermal Paste? [ANSWERED & HOW TO APPLY]

These are all questions you might be asking yourself as someone who wants to build their own computer. Here at ReviewhuntTeam, we’ll answer these questions for you so you don’t have to spend time Googling!

Do CPUs come with thermal paste?

It depends. No CPU ever comes with thermal paste, but the CPU cooler that comes with your CPU will generally have it pre-applied, so you don’t need to buy one.

This doesn’t always happen depending on what kind of CPU you buy, for example an unlocked CPU from Intel doesn’t come with a cooler, this means no thermal compound is applied to it, so you don’t just need a CPU cooler, but your also need to buy thermal paste.

Either way, if you’re rebuilding a computer from scratch, there’s nothing wrong with having an extra thermal paste, especially if you can reapply it after a year or two to ensure your CPU stays cool for many years to come. perform at it’s best.

If you buy a ready-made computer or laptop, it’s probably already applied to the CPU and you don’t have to worry about that.

Why do CPUs need thermal paste?

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Fan speed cannot always solve an overheating problem on your computer because heat problems on processors are caused by small imperfections between metal surfaces that make up your processors, such as the chipset (CPU), cooling fins (heat sink), and even RAM sticks can cause heat problems. This means that you need something like the thermal compound to fill in these imperfections so that the heat can be properly dissipated.

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The main reason for this is that the metal surfaces of your computer components have microscopic pores that trap air and when they come too close or touch each other it creates many problems, such as high temperatures that reduce performance and damage your hardware. time.

That’s where the pasta comes into play! It fills those tiny pores with fat (thermal bond) so they don’t touch anymore, yet stay close enough to transfer heat back and forth between them, allowing proper cooling. If your computer has a massive heat problem, you may need to reapply it every six months.

Does Ryzen CPU have pre-applied thermal paste?

They do! All Ryzen processors come with a Wraith Stealth cooler or similar, including a pre-applied paste.

How to apply?

If you are ever in a situation where you need to apply it to your CPU, we usually recommend people to do it like this:

The correct way to do this is to place a small amount (pea size) in the center of your processor and then install the heatsink. When you tighten the screws, the thermal compound is evenly distributed throughout your processor.

We recommend Arctic Silver because it is cheap, easy to use and has never let us down. It is the gold standard brand, can be found in any hardware store and it gets the job done!

We personally recommend the . at Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G because it is quite efficient and very cheap.

I hope our article has cleared your doubts, if you have any more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And always remember, at reviewhuntteam we’re here to help!

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