Do Motherboards Come With Windows? Detailed Guide To Buy & Install [ANSWERED]

Whenever you’re looking for a new computer, you probably have one question on your mind: Does it come with Windows? Would you be surprised to learn that motherboards do not include Windows? In this post, we will talk about how to locate and install Windows on any motherboard!

Windows is a free operating system for consumers. Although it can be installed on any computer or motherboard, it isn’t included in the package. Manufacturers design motherboards to be compatible with nearly all versions of Windows; motherboards will only work properly when running the right version; For example, a very large portion of motherboards are not compatible with the Apple Operating System, as such, Installing a different operating system may result in various problems such as no video display, slow performance, etc.

Do Motherboards Come With Windows?

In response to this question, “Is Windows pre-installed on the motherboard?motherboard?motherboard? ”, as such we will go into more detail on the answer, but generally, no not really, you usually have to pay for the Operating System.

It’s hard to answer because it really depends on what you’re buying, if you’re purchasing individual components or a built-in system. In the case of a fully built desktop, they usually come with all the hardware you need to run your PC, but they do not have an operating system installed specifically onto them although a large majority do or at least they may ask for an extra fee to install the Operating System for you.

The Operating System must also be purchased if you are buying part by part. Currently, there are no motherboard manufacturers that include Windows with their boards.

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Let us know what motherboard is best for your computer build project in the comments below along with your  hardware choices & budget and we will give you a hand at choosing.

Do New Processors Come With Windows?

The motherboards don’t include Windows, so you will have to buy it separately and install it on your HDD/SSD.

How To Purchase Windows

You can purchase Windows directly from Microsoft or from a third-party retailer like Amazon, or  even in your local hardware shop.

Alternatively, you can probably ask your local hardware shop to install the operating system for you as they usually offer that kind of service.

How To Install Windows

It is necessary to install Windows on the HDD/SSD. In order to do this, you will need to have a Windows CD in hand and plug it into one of the available DVD slots or if you have Windows on a USB drive, then you will need to plug it into the USB drive. Once your computer has booted, turn it on and follow the instructions from there.

Follow these steps:

On the installation screen, you’ll see two options: Install Now or Upgrade now so select what suits you best.

Then you will see the available languages, select English if you want to use English as the language, otherwise change accordingly.

As you move on, you’ll be given the choice between Typical Installation and Custom Installation; go with typical unless you know exactly how much space you’ll need for installing specific software or for whatever reason you may have.

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It will then ask you to choose which partition of the disk should be used to install Windows; this is usually C: (the system). Click Next and then select New Volume in Unallocated Space, then click OK twice. The system will then  create a new volume ready for installation that can’t be deleted unless formatting takes place, so don’t worry about losing any files here.

Next up you’ll get prompted for how much space you want to allocate for your volume; the default should be fine so just click Next.

The next screen will show a summary of what’s going on and then ask if it makes sense – go ahead with Yes before rebooting your computer.

Then you just need to wait while it installs.It’s a very simply process.

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