Do Mousepads make a difference in gaming? [ANSWERED]

Why mousepads are important

The first thing that usually comes up when we talk about these things is glide performance and tracking accuracy. A good surface provides frictionless movement so that your cursor reacts immediately without any delay, which is crucial in fast-paced games. If you’re a gamer and you want to compete, having pinpoint accuracy is probably important to you, and a good surface will help you do that.

Another thing to mention is comfort, and while it’s not directly related to performance or tracking, having a comfortable mouse pad can make the difference between an enjoyable gaming session and one where your arm starts to hurt after just half an hour of playing. because of the amount of effort you have to put into moving the cursor. Unfortunately, this isn’t something manufacturers advertise too often, so to find out which one works best for your hand size, it might take you some time sifting through user reviews before buying (which we recommend if possible).

Are bigger pads better than small ones?

This is a question that doesn’t really have a definitive answer, as it depends on personal preferences. In general, however, large mouse pads are more comfortable because they provide more room for your hand to move and you don’t have to move the device constantly so you can reach all the buttons comfortably. On the other hand, small pads are often cheaper and take up less space on your desk, which can be important if you’re limited in how much space you have.

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When you play FPS games most people use low sensitivity for pinpoint accuracy and that’s where bigger pads really help a lot as you have to move your mouse a lot more for flicks/180º turns.

The brands aren’t that important as long as it has a good fabric and enough size to fit your needs as explained above, but for a large mouse pad we usually recommend SteelSeries QCK+ or maybe one of the Razer large options if you like RGB , although Razer products are generally overpriced.

If you just go for a regular size then almost any other brand should do it, just avoid the really cheap ones as they tend to wear out quickly and provide a bad experience.

Do mousepads make a difference in gaming?

In summary, they are important for competitive gamers who want better glide performance and pinpoint accuracy, as well as for those looking for more comfort during long gaming sessions. Do some research on which one is best for your needs before making a purchase – you won’t regret it!

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