How To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting

We have to do regular tweaking whether we have a different type of vehicle or various types of industrial equipment. Among their responsibilities is to grease them regularly. It can be tricky to perform a grease procedure sometimes. A grease gun can be attached to a zerk fitting using this attachment.  The purpose of this section is to demonstrate how to attach a grease gun to a zerk fitting.

Although it may seem straightforward, it is actually quite challenging. This is a tricky job, especially if you have never done grease gun fittings before. We will also discuss everything you should know about them along with the guideline. Let’s continue with our review.

Grease Gun

The first thing you need to understand is how the grease gun works. Lubricating your machinery or equipment joints with it is one of its primary functions. With the grease gun it can be equipped with a storage chamber for storing grease and putting it into joints. You should learn how to use a grease gun in order to do better work.

Zerk Fitting

Grease fittings are also known as zerk fittings. Permanent joints, such as bearings or mechanical systems, that function to lubricate the machine or equipment. By watching them, you can tell who they are. They are also called grease nipples because of their nipple-like shape. Lubricants can pass through them, but they ensure safety from harmful or unnecessary materials by having a ball inside.

That’s all the important information we need to know. Now, let’s talk about how you will attach your grease gun with a zerk fitting.

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How Do You Attach a Grease Gun to a Zerk Fitting?

Conceptually, it’s pretty straightforward. Zerk fittings feature a ball bearing that allows lubricant to pass through while excluding other unnecessary or hard elements.

When there is a tight angle, a long distance to cover, or a complex design to understand, you will find a zerk fitting to get you there. Now follow our guide for easy work.

Final Word

In this article, we went over the guideline you need to know about how grease guns work and how they are attached to zerk fittings. After a few tries, you will become accustomed to the process. Follow our instructions thoroughly, and you will have a much easier time learning.


Several factors could lead to this problem, but the common one is either you were unable to push enough or didn’t screw enough to tighten up strongly.

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty basic. Pull the screw off by untying the screw. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Basically, you bind them in reverse order.

The fittings can be sticky if they have something sticky within them, or if there is a manufacturing defect in the joint structure. In this case, zerk will not accept the grease gun. You should also test the grease gun zerk fitting before installing it to avoid any mishaps.

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