How To Load A Mini Grease Gun ?

Various types of machines, vehicles, boats, trucks, etc are lubricated with grease guns. The grease guns are frequently used in workshops and garages. There are many types of grease guns available. The machines range from hand-powered without a trigger, to electric, or air-powered, or pneumatic. They are battery-powered and portable and can be charged using batteries.

Various types of lubricants are used for charging the grease gun. The mini grease guns are compact, so they don’t take up much space. How do you load a miniature grease gun in this article? Mini grease guns can be tricky to load at times, but with professionals’ assistance, the task can be easily accomplished.

Loading a a mini grease gun (Step by Step guide)

A grease gun is a hand-powered tool used to lubricate machines with grease. Grease guns are used to lubricate spaces in need of tightening. Mini grease guns are smaller versions of grease guns. It can be a bit tricky to load the grease from the cartridges into the rifle.

Learn how to use a mini grease gun by getting familiar with its parts. Apart from the arrestor clamp, t-grip handle, washer, extended pipe, plug, ball, piston, head, barrel, plunger, pull rod, grip, coupler, spring, etc, there are other parts that interlink and have specific characteristics. Understand the Mechanism of Grease gun Anatomy. 

Mini grease guns are available in several types. One of the most famous grease gun cartridges is the grease gun cartridge. Let’s look at how to load a mini grease gun in just a few simple steps.  

Step — 2

Secondly, prepare the rod for loading grease- for that, pull its handle backward and use the end cap to secure its handle. Be sure to position the lock properly before proceeding.

Step — 3

Now, you are ready to insert the grease cartridge into the barrel; even though it may appear a simple step, it is imperative to place it in the correct direction so that you don’t experience any problems. Remove the plastic cap from the grease cartridges and insert them into the barrel. The pull tab needs to come into contact with both rims, the barrel, and the barrel. The pull tab seal on the cartridge must then be removed.

Step — 4

It is necessary to screw the head back into position in order to return it to the barrel.

Step — 5

Let our Rod Handle go – before proceeding, we need to unlock the locked rod handle so that we can move forward. Ensure that the rubber plunger is connected to the rod

Step — 6

If the mini grease gun has one, pump the lever handle and retract the barrel downward. If you don’t have a valve, pump the lever handle and pull the barrel down. You will need to apply good pressure to the rod handle to ensure it is disconnected from the rubber plunger. When the quick release is pressed, the rod descends. The grease will begin to flow after you pump the lever handle a few times.

It is likely that there will be many questions in your mind concerning the loading of the Mini Grease Gun if you are new to the device. Therefore, it would be a good idea to read some of the FAQs below, such as:

It is very easy to refill a mini grease gun with a new cartridge simply by changing the old one. The barrel must be unscrewed from the gun and the cartridge inserted into it, and then the barrel must be screwed back on. Make sure there is no airflow by pushing the pull rod upwards.

Pneumatic grease guns are also known as pistol grip guns. Workshops with large lubrication systems are likely to use them. Batteries run out quickly with pistol grip guns compared to battery-operated grease guns. Follow the same steps as mentioned above when loading the pistol grip guns.

You need to pull back the plunger on the old-fashioned grease guns and lock the plunger in place at the notch to load these without a cartridge. In the next step, the open end of the grease tube must be placed over the hole in the nozzle, and the grease must be pushed from the tub to the gun. You must back the nozzle end to its original position after all the grease has been transferred from the tub to the gun. Using a kitchen roll, remove any leftover grease.

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How do you load and unload any grease gun

  • Separating the grease gun’s head from its barrel is the first step. Grease must be loaded into the grease gun’s head. The head of the grease gun must be removed from the lid, and the two pieces of the grease gun must be separated.
  • The barrel’s open end must be filled with grease. New grease guns usually have dry plungers. Grease must be smeared inside the barrel to lubricate the plunger.
  • With the assistance of a rag, push the grease that has built up at the bottom of the grease cartridge.
  • The grease gun is ready to use once you separate the handle and insert the cartridge into the barrel.
  • Then, screw the barrel into the gun head, so that the dome of grease is pushed into the gun head.
  • Using your t-handle, push the barrel into the handle.
  • The last step is to remove any air pockets. This can be done by unscrewing the barrel from the grease head in order to loosen it, pump the handle, and tighten the barrel back to its original position. It is important to tighten the barrel again before using the grease gun if you hear the air fizzing out.
  • Taking the metal handle off the cartridge is as easy as unscrewing the cap in a clockwise direction.


Loading a grease gun was discussed in this article. This article mentions some guidelines that you should follow. If you follow these simple instructions, you can load the mini grease gun even though it might seem complicated.

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