How To Put Grease In A Grease Gun

In a workshop that deals with machines, grease guns are essential equipment. Shops or manufacturing plants commonly use this tool. The moving parts of any machine, for instance, must be well oiled for it to work optimally.   As a result, they have a longer lifespan and don’t get abraded as much. Grease Guns have the potential to be called saviors in such situations.  

Grease Guns are used to lubricate all the moving mechanical parts of machinery, improving the efficiency of the machinery.  There are different types of grease guns available today, including a reservoir-style gun and a cartridge-style gun. Powered by hand, air, or electricity, they can be operated in several ways.   

Flexible hoses are available on some models, while fixed tubes are available on others.   There are some great accessories included with the latest models, like grease gun meters.  They optimize lubricant consumption. How to grease a grease gun is the topic of this article

Filling Grease in a Grease Gun

No matter what model the grease gun is, some have reported problems putting grease into it.   I think there is a need to talk about the issue, namely, how to put a Grease Gun with Grease in it? To begin with, grease gun maintenance can be a messy affair if done without appropriate knowledge.  The refill and Grease Gun might include instructions and safety procedures that should be followed.  It is possible to classify the steps for putting Grease into a Grease Gun broadly into the following categories:

Step — 2

You need to secure the plunger rod once you see a notch in the plunger rod or the T-handle.

Step — 3

The Empty Cartridge Must Be Removed Slowly and Stably as to avoid any residue grease from spilling.

Step — 4

The new cartridge should be installed by removing the plastic cap and inserting it into the main unit.  An open soda can-like metal tab is on the other end.  Be careful when pulling the tab.

Step — 5

Putting the grease gun head back on is the next step.   It is then possible to release the plunger from its notch after the clamp is tightened.  Plunge it slowly inside.

In order to fill the grease gun, you just need to follow those steps.  After ensuring there are no airlocks, ensure that all loose parts are securely tightened, and you are ready to use the Grease Gun.

Filling Grease in a Grease Gun

At one end of a grease gun, there is a spring-loaded plunger.  By doing this, the grease is pushed forward.  You grease the equipment by pumping grease into the grease zerk and onto the equipment. Occasionally, you can only use one hand to use some grease guns.  There is one drawback, however, as the canister is very small and needs to be continually filled.  Grease the grease zerk by placing the grease gun’s hole on the grease zerk that needs to be greased.  Make sure the placement is correct.  

Once you’re ready to pump, you can begin.  A small amount of grease is visible or you can hear a sound coming out.  Then you can stop if the part has been greased well. Therefore, using a grease gun is very simple.  Adding grease to the grease gun is the only thing that is difficult.  

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In the question that follows, you will learn how this process works. Despite the fact that your Grease Gun appears to be broken, do not be alarmed.  The grease can’t escape because there’s an airlock inside.  In order to bleed the grease gun (i.e. to remove the air stuck inside), follow the simple steps mentioned in this article. 

How do I prime my grease gun?

Grease Gun users should clearly understand this important action.  In that way, the grease gun can be primed and air can be removed.  Airlocks can be prevented by doing this. You’ll get a little air inside the cartridge as soon as you replace it and fix the head back up.  Hold the T-handle (plunger) and do not release it.  After twisting the head, loosen it again.  

You will ensure that the air is released by doing this.  Push in right inside the plunger after releasing the plunger.  Put some pumps on it now.  It won’t be long before the grease starts to come out.  Secure the head by tightening it firmly.  The Grease Gun must be properly primed and ready for use after this step.  To make grease flow from the gun initially, you may have to pump more at the beginning.   As the piston moves, you can feel the grease being pushed down the hose.

Can you put oil in a grease gun?

Answering this question is a little tricky.  The spring-loaded plunger of a grease gun will leak oil around the barrel sides.  Teflon tape is the answer, which is good news.  To prevent oil from escaping from the threads, seal the tape on them. Additionally, you must hold the gun upright so that the oil flows to the head of the gun. 

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 Put only as much oil into the barrel as needed to ensure no leaks occur from the pressure of the barrel spring.  You can start using oil instead of grease with a few modifications, especially at the tip of the grease gun.


How to fill a grease gun with grease was discussed in the article. As mentioned in this article, follow the above guidelines

In order to use a Grease Gun properly, it is important to include a few points about best practices.  The first step to lubricating the bearings is to determine the amount of grease needed.  In addition, you need to clean the grease gun’s dispensing nozzle.   Replacing all damaged fittings immediately is the third step.  The Grease gun should be stored in a clean, cool, and unpressurized place.  Grease Guns will last longer if this is done.

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