12 Ways to Make Bucket Seats More Comfortable

How do you make bucket seats more comfortable?

Bucket seats, the kind that come with most cars and trucks, have many advantages. They are more comfortable than older bench seats, they are lightweight and they can often be folded forward to expand storage space in the trunk or back seat. But not everyone likes bucket seats.

People who tire quickly on long rides often find them uncomfortable, especially if they don’t provide enough lumbar support. If you want to make your bucket seats more comfortable, there are a few easy ways to do that…

While the stock bucket seat has served as the starting point for many aftermarket seating solutions, it can still be a little uncomfortable. Here are 10 ideas to make your bucket seat a little more comfortable and functional so you can enjoy your ride even more!

12 ways to make bucket seats more comfortable

There are many reasons why bucket seats are so much more comfortable than sofas. They support your body better, they hold you in place when you ride aggressively and they can be adjusted to your personal comfort preferences.

1. Use a lumbar roll

The lumbar support in most bucket seats is insufficient for long-distance drivers. This is especially true if you’re taller than average or have a larger-than-average waist (for example, if you’re carrying a little too much weight). This causes the lower back to be compressed, resulting in back pain after long rides.

A lumbar roll solves this problem by providing extra padding that supports the lower back. You can buy specially made loin rolls at the store, but improvising is just as easy with a towel or small pillow.

2. Add a seat cover

Seat covers can be a great way to add a little extra cushioning for your rear, but you also want to be careful about the type of fabric you choose, as some can make you sweat more. Choose a breathable fabric that allows air to flow through, such as polyester or cotton. Leather is also always a good option.

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Seat covers are the first thing many people think of when they want to make bucket seats more comfortable, and for good reason. The right seat cover can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort and support. You can find them in any color or style that suits you.*

If you want to spend some extra money, buy heated seat covers. They keep you warm on cold days and can help soothe tired muscles after a long day at work. Keep in mind that they may not be legal in all states. For example, some states prohibit drivers from putting anything in their car while driving.

3. Use a body pillow

Using a body pillow can provide some extra comfort and support when sitting in bucket seats, especially if they don’t recline very far. You can even clamp the body cushion between yourself and the door or center console for added support and comfort.

4. Buy an inflatable pillow

Inflatable pillows are great because they allow you to adjust the level of firmness that feels best for you, while also providing plenty of support. The best part is that they can be easily emptied and stored away when not in use or if someone else needs to drive a shotgun!

Use a seat cushion – If your bucket seat has a hard back or bottom, you can use a seat cushion that fits in your car seat the same way you would in a chair. You can get them at most auto parts stores, and they come in many different materials — gel, foam, and air are among the most common.

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5. Adjust the seat

Adjusting your seat can make a big difference in how comfortable the seats are. Getting the seat to the correct height will reduce the strain on your lower back by eliminating unnecessary pressure to support your body weight while driving. In addition, adjusting closer or further away from the handlebars can help reduce the strain on your legs and feet while driving.

6. Try a wedge pillow

A wedge pillow like this is another option that can help you sit higher in your bucket seat, while also providing extra back support. You may find many different colors and styles at your local auto or department store. You can also make your own using a pillow or pillowcase filled with foam, sand, or other small objects.

7. Remove the headrests

If you find that the headrests of your bucket seats are putting too much pressure on your neck, you may be able to remove them completely with minimal effort. However, this is only recommended if you have already tried fitting them and found that it makes no difference in comfort or pain level.

8. Sit down well

The way you sit in the car can have a big impact on how comfortable it is while driving. Improper posture while sitting in a car can lead to neck and back pain. Sitting higher in the chair reduces pressure and puts less strain on your lower back.

The seat should be adjusted so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees when seated comfortably with your feet flat on the floorboard. You should also adjust the handlebars so that they are at elbow height for maximum comfort and safety.

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9. Place an orthopedic pillow behind your back or on the seat itself

These cushions are designed to conform to your body and provide additional support to your lower back when you sit down. These cushions are also often made of high-quality material, which makes them more comfortable than the standard bucket seat cover.

10. Add a gel pad to your chair to make it softer and more comfortable

Gel pads can be placed directly in the seat or under a cushion that you are already using to make the seat softer and more comfortable.

11. Use an extra pillow

This type of pillow sits under your thighs when you sit in the bucket seat to tilt your pelvis forward and reduce pressure on your tailbone. This type of pillow is also used by people who like to sit on their feet while driving, as well as by people who suffer from low back pain.

12. Add Side Cushions

If the sides of the bucket seats are uncomfortable for your legs or hips, you can try adding cushions to the side of the seat that is made of foam or memory foam. Because they conform to the shape of your body, they help reduce pressure points and discomfort. You can also find some with clips or straps so that they fit securely in place in the car.

In summary, bucket seats are a great way to get more comfort and style while driving, but they can be difficult to sit in for long periods of time, especially when traveling. Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve the comfort of your bucket seats, ranging from inexpensive DIY projects to expensive professional repairs.

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