Ryobi Brushless Jigsaw Vs Orbital Jigsaw: What Is the Difference?

There are many jigsaws in Ryobi’s collection. In recent years, Ryobi one+ has launched a brushless jigsaw that has taken over the orbital jigsaw market. A significant upgrade is provided by the P524. Between these two jigsaws, there are some similarities and differences. 

Although users have used both, some continue to recommend the old jigsaw over the brushless one. Similarly, some people prefer brushless tools to brushless jigsaws because of their superior performance. Our focus today will be to compare the two models and to identify the advantages and disadvantages between them. This way, you can have a clear understanding of the pros and cons and decide which is right for you. 

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Differences Between Brushless and Orbital Jigsaw

In this section, we will explore the features we look for in a jigsaw. There are a few differences between the two models in terms of those basic features. Hopefully, this will help you differentiate between these models. 


The Ryobi orbital jigsaw, model 523, produces 1100 to 3000 strokes per minute. Those speeds were pretty impressive back then. Compared to corded jigsaws, this cordless tool is faster than any other. 

Compared to the P524 brushless jigsaw, the P524 brushless jigsaw has a bigger speed range. The maximum speed of this unit is 3350 SPM, with a minimum drawing rate of 800 SPM. It’s unbelieveable, isn’t it? 


Brushless power tools are notoriously expensive. There is a noticeable difference in price between brushless jigsaw p524 and the conventional orbital jigsaw p53. Battery and charger are not included with either of these tools. Since you cannot get a Ryobi battery and charger if you do not already own any, the Jigsaw will become more expensive. 

Durability and Power

A brushless jigsaw is extremely expensive due to a number of reasons. The product is highly efficient, durable, and lasts for a very long time. A general motor, on the other hand, will increase the tool’s weight, but will not last as long as a brushless motor. 


The variable speed switch is closer to the handle on the P524 jigsaw. It always gets in contact with the thumb, which is problematic. While the machine is performing a particular task, this switch is not normally used. Therefore, this switch should be relocated to another location. 

When the blade is angled for angle cuts, the p523 jigsaw cuts with the shorter blade length. In practice, this problem causes the blade to wear off in a particular spot. Thanks to its blade saver feature, this model comes with a good deal of convenience. The jigsaw uses this feature to utilize blade parts that aren’t used. The length of the blade has been reduced so there should be no problem. 

There are some similarities 



Using both jigsaws, a wooden surface is etched with 1-inch strokes. These machines are also very effective in working in tight corners and angles. You can easily maneuver these. 

Cutting Angle

Both machines have base plates that can be rotated from 0 to 45 degrees on either side. Thus, you can make angled cuts on both sides whenever necessary. 

Cutting Angle

Orbital Speed

Using the dial, you can choose one of four speeds. Both designs of the jigsaw are affected by this. A faster saw will result in a rougher cut. You must choose a lower speed option to get a clean cut. 


Jigsaws such as these provide better vision and accuracy by illuminating the work area. Both of these jigsaws are equipped with regular dust blowers. Furthermore, both of these are compatible with the ‘lock on’ switch. The blades that come with these jigsaws will cut wood. 

You will not be able to use these machines right out of the box. A suitable charger and Ryobi battery from the One+ series are required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

JIGSAWS are unique because their blades have a super-thin profile. The machine is therefore very flexible, and can cut intricate shapes, curves, and round corners. It is designed for cutting complicated shapes on rough surfaces. 

Cutting thick and hardwoods with an orbital jigsaw is possible. A jigsaw with orbital motion makes hardwood cuts faster and more accurately than a jigsaw with standard action. Variable speed comes with this machine. The cuts it makes are therefore under your control. 

There is no friction with brushless tools. So, heat is not generated or wear and tear is not present. Besides, there are no compromises when it comes to power generation. Hence, brushless tools are worth their price as they last longer. 



The p523 jigsaw and the p524 jigsaw impressed me with their efficiency, as well as their reasonable price. Besides that, both jigsaws perform just fine and are quite similar except for the speed range.

Those who use variable speed settings a lot probably will find the latest brushless model of a jigsaw useful. Aside from that, an orbital jigsaw is sufficient for DIYers, beginners, and homeowners to complete regular jobs.

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