When Will Motherboards Be Back In Stock? 2 Suppliers Suggested

Let’s start by figuring out why they are out of stock all the time.

Why are there so many motherboards out of stock?

Here are a few reasons for this. One possible reason is that lately there has been so much demand from people who have finally built their first gaming PC or maybe just need to buy a new one.

Crypto is another reason, mining has become more and more popular, reducing the inventory of computer components, and this has affected the entire hardware market, not just motherboards. Mining can be profitable if done properly and the big miners know this and buy several computers to mine on them, going through the entire stock of computer hardware.

Another possible reason is that motherboards are more expensive than other computer parts (except CPU/GPU), so they are often out of stock to prevent people from buying them if their stock is not high enough (for example).

Finally, motherboard companies may want to limit supply to drive up demand and make a profit. Either way, the upshot is that everyone who needs a motherboard ends up frustrated because they can never find one!

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When will motherboards be back in stock?

Motherboards have been available for a few weeks now, but it comes and goes because they sell out so quickly. The boards that were originally out of stock are also available again, so we will see the situation normalize over time and manufacturers adapt production techniques to meet demand.

All hope is not lost! Motherboards will be available soon enough, but it’s hard to say exactly when they’ll be released. We’ve seen some very small supplies trickle in from various sources (MSI, Gigabyte) which should hopefully fuel shipments of new board games down the line. But no one knows how long it will take for motherboards to become available again – maybe days? Weeks? Months? It’s impossible to say at the moment…

What we recommend is to keep an eye on the 2 major online hardware stores:

Newegg and Amazon

Newegg is one of the largest hardware stores in the world and the stock is replenished more often than most stores, so if you can keep an eye on it, you can probably find one every few days.

Amazon is also one of the largest markets in the world, the brands themselves mostly sell in Amazon which is extremely important because being the manufacturer themselves they often have a few extra for sale.

Why Does Crypto Mining Affect the Hardware Market?

You may have heard about the recent cryptocurrency mining craze and how it affects the hardware markets. We think this trend will continue for at least a few more years with no plans to stop, so it’s important to know where the motherboards are headed.

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The economics of cryptocurrency mining is such that people who can buy or rent expensive graphics cards, central processing units (CPUs), and other hardware at a lower cost per unit have an advantage over those who cannot afford them. With many computer components in short supply, with demand outpacing production capacity as a result of this trend, prices continue to rise while availability falls – meaning more profits for miners and less accessibility for anyone looking to invest in new equipment.

Motherboard manufacturers are also suffering from these trends: GPU shortages caused by skyrocketing crypto mining prices mean far fewer gamers will soon be buying gaming-grade boards, and motherboard prices are going up as well. In anticipation of this trend continuing, many companies have begun rationing sales or blocking pre-orders, creating scarcity for when demand inevitably picks up again.

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