10 Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Socks With Uggs

Should You Wear Socks With Uggs?

The ugg boot is an Australian style that has been around for over 200 years. Made from sheepskin, it keeps your feet warm even in cold environments, but also lets them breathe when it’s hot. This means that your feet will not sweat as much as with other types of boots.


If you are a die-hard Ugg fan, you may be wondering if you can wear socks with your favorite pair of shoes. While there are no hard and fast rules about this fashion faux pas (some people swear by it), most style experts advise against it.

Ugg boots are popular, comfortable and warm. However, most are designed to be worn without socks. This can mean that the feet start to sweat and smell in the boots. If you absolutely must wear socks with your Uggs, choose thin, moisture-wicking socks that don’t alter the shape of the boot.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Socks With Uggs

The discussion about whether or not to wear socks with Uggs has been going on for years.

Some people say it’s okay to wear socks with Uggs, while others think it’s a fashion mistake! Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t wear socks with Uggs.

TIP: If your feet sweat a lot in your Uggs, wear nondescript socks instead of regular socks. They are much cuter and no one will know you are wearing them!

1. Your feet get sweaty and smelly

It’s nasty, but it’s true. Uggs are made of thick sheepskin, a very breathable material. However, if you wear socks under your Uggs, they will trap the sweat and odor in your boot.

2. You lose that beautiful sheepskin interior

Uggs have a shearling lining that keeps your feet warm in winter. While you can buy sheep’s wool-lined socks for extra warmth, it’s not quite the same as lining your entire shoe with the soft fleece material. When you wear socks with your Uggs, you don’t feel that amazing sheepskin lining around your foot.

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3. You can’t wear your Uggs in the summer

You should be able to wear your favorite boots all year round. For example, some people like to pair their Uggs with shorts and dresses when the weather is warm. However, wearing socks with Uggs limits your options and makes it difficult to combine them with a summer wardrobe.

If you don’t want socks, don’t buy Uggs that come too high on your legs and necessitate wearing socks, or buy a model that folds down easily so your legs can breathe.

4. Socks with Uggs are the ultimate fashion faux pas

While you can wear leggings or tights with Uggs, it’s best to avoid socks. This is because it is incredibly obvious when you wear socks with your Uggs. The fuzzy material of the boots often hangs over the leg, making it look even more awkward when wearing socks underneath. If you want to wear your Uggs without people staring at your feet, go without socks.

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5. You’re ruining the look of your Uggs

Uggs are all about the slouchy, relaxed, disheveled look that is all too popular these days. But when you put socks on your Uggs, you lose that untidy, tousled look and make your Uggs look more textured than they actually are.

There’s a reason Ugg boots aren’t designed to be worn with socks – they just don’t look good! The look most people go for when buying Uggs is casual chic, and pairing them with socks completely ruins that style. It turns your boots into a clunky mess instead of a sleek fashion statement.

6. You get blisters on your heels

The back of the Ugg boot is designed to cover your ankle, so if you wear socks, the sock will rub against your heel as you walk and can cause blisters. If you want to avoid this problem, don’t wear socks with Uggs!

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7. You can get athlete’s foot and other fungi

Nasty fungal infections can spread from person to person through moist environments such as locker rooms, swimming pools, bathrooms and even shoe-to-skin contact. If you wear Uggs without socks, you can get athlete’s foot or some other form of athlete’s foot from the boot itself.

But wearing socks with Uggs traps moisture and bacteria on your skin, making it easier for the infection to spread from one part of your foot to another. Socks also make it harder for your skin to breathe properly.

As a result, your feet stay moist longer, which increases the growth of bacteria and makes it easier for them to spread to other parts of your body — such as your toenails or cuticles — or to other people who come into contact with your shoes.

8. Your feet will be cold

Uggs are one hundred percent sheepskin, which means they’re perfect for keeping your feet warm in cold weather (especially if you live somewhere with a lot of snow). But if you wear thick wool socks in it, it misses the mark! The heat from your skin simply cannot escape through such thick layers of clothing and you will freeze instead of staying warm and cozy.

9. Socks pile up in Uggs

Ugg boots have a narrow footbed that is not designed to fit over socks. If you wear socks with them, the extra fabric often gathers around your toes, making for an uncomfortable fit.

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10. Socks Don’t Look Good Peeking Out of Uggs

The only way to wear socks with Uggs and still keep them hidden is to tuck them in completely or fold them several times so that they sit right under the edge of the boot. However, this can make your legs look shorter as it cuts off the line of your calf.

11. Wearing socks shrinks your Uggs

When you wear socks with your Uggs, they absorb moisture, which can cause them to shrink. When the leather of your Ugg boots shrinks, it is difficult to get them back to their original shape. In the end, they may just not fit anymore!

12. Your feet slip into your boots

Because there is no traction between the sheepskin and the sock (or leg), your foot will slide into the boot as you walk. While this may be fine for indoor use on cold days (if you don’t mind a little extra slippage), it can be dangerous when walking outdoors or on slippery surfaces like wood floors or tile.

In summary, it is a main rule in fashion: do not wear socks with your Uggs. The warm, fuzzy boots are popular with celebrities and teens alike, but wearing them correctly takes a bit of finesse.

If you’re tempted to wear socks with your Uggs to keep your toes warm, there are much better ways to accomplish this goal. Try wearing tights under your pants first – it’s winter after all!

Both styles have more insulation than the standard boot and therefore keep your feet warmer. You can also buy Socks from the Ugg brand (Available from Amazon) that are intended to be worn with their boots. These are thicker than regular socks and provide more warmth without compromising the look of your outfit.

If you have to wear socks with your Uggs, they should match the color of your shoes and blend in with the color of your shoes as much as possible. That may mean buying several pairs of socks in brown, black, or another neutral color so that you have something to go with every pair of boots you own. Socks with patterns, cartoon characters or other decorations should never be worn with these shoes!

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