Will Fans Spin Without CPU?

Will fans run without a CPU?

They will! All fans will spin when you turn on your computer, even if you don’t have a CPU. However, your computer will shut down immediately due to the lack of a CPU, causing them to stop running right away, the computer will not boot without a processor.

Other FAQs

Below we answer some frequently asked questions related to troubleshooting. If you have any more you’d like us to add, write a comment below and we’ll update it!

Does the CPU power the fans?

No, not directly. The computer will boot up and beep to indicate that a component (processor) is missing that causes your cooler to stop running immediately after it is turned on, so if you hear them running when your PC starts up, it indicates that they are powered by another source, such as a PSU or motherboard fan header. However, if the other components in the system don’t get enough power from these sources, it starts to fail pretty quickly!

Is it normal for CPU fans not to spin?

If the computer is turned on and connected properly, the problem could be that the motherboard is faulty and cannot supply power from the PSU to the components connected to the motherboard. If absolutely everything has power and the computer is running but the fans are not spinning, the cooler may be connected incorrectly or faulty.

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Can a power supply and motherboard be powered without a CPU?

Yes! Again, you can turn on your computer even without a processor in your computer, but it will turn off immediately.

The computer doesn’t post but fans run

This can be due to various reasons such as insufficient power or a faulty CPU. If you’re testing your computer and it doesn’t publish, try disconnecting all unnecessary peripherals and see if that fixes the problem. The cooler continues to run when there is no mail, as they are powered by other resources in the system.

Can you use a processor without a cooler?

Well, technically you can! However, your processor overheats extremely quickly and you can even damage it from overheating, a cooler is absolutely necessary anyway, so make sure you have a cooler and it’s plugged in properly when you turn on your computer.

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